If you are looking for a hard to find flavor, chances are we already have access to it.

Our expertise in custom formulation development is one of the primary differentiating factors that sets us a cut above the rest. Our team will aid you in identifying a well-balanced ingredient mixture in order to achieve optimal delivery for maximum supplemental efficacy. Whether you require capsules, tablets, fast-melting tablets, chewables, controlled release capsules, fast-melting crystals or any other method through which your customers might take your product, we can formulate in order to accommodate your needs. Our formulation process has been refined through continuous systematic analysis and controlled testing to ensure maximum product effectiveness and nutrient absorption. At Sloan Health Products, our formulas are made with only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the world’s top suppliers.

Looking for a specific flavor? At Sloan Health Products, we’ve assembled a team of flavoring experts hailed for their work producing some of the most palatable supplements currently available on the market. Our extensive flavor inventory is comprised of everything from classic favorites to modern innovations and everything in between. We work in close collaboration with some of the world’s foremost flavoring producers, whose flavor profiles have been composed through years of using only the highest quality ingredients globally available. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mint, fruit punch- you name it, we have it; including access to 100% natural flavoring, free from artificial coloring or ingredients. Once you’ve settled on a base flavoring for your supplement, our flavor experts will work diligently to adjust the sweetness, tartness and other flavor components to meet your specifications. We know that how important flavor can be; after all, your customers will directly associate this taste to your brand, and it is for that reason that we will continue you to tweak and adjust your formula until you are completely satisfied.


Once the base formula of your supplement is finalized, our flavor experts will take the time to adjust the sweetness and level of flavor to your specific likings. We won’t quit until we get it 100% right.